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Dan Schnepf, PE

Chairman of the Board

Dan is a founder of Matrix Design Group and, as current Chairman of the Board, is responsible for the strategic direction of the firm while fulfilling leadership, technical, and management roles in major asset redevelopment projects. His extensive consulting background includes design, development, implementation, and management of large, multidisciplinary engineering projects for private, state, municipal, and federal agencies. Dan is a globally recognized expert in the redevelopment field with an emphasis on closed airports, rail yards, large public and private land assets, and Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) sites. He has led hundreds of redevelopment programs — both domestically and abroad — for many federal agencies and all components of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Dan’s career has focused on the challenging aspects of redevelopment that public and private entities and governmental agencies face when redeveloping difficult sites. In his 40 years of national and international practice, he has led the financial analyses, technical strategies, and planning and design work for some of Denver’s most successful redevelopment efforts, including the redevelopment of Lowry Air Force Base, Stapleton International Airport, and Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. These projects exemplify complex interdisciplinary work where sustainability, reuse, and community-conscious design have been at the forefront of client goals and objectives. Dan’s unique skills in understanding and working at the nexus of socioeconomic and sociopolitical variables, market-driven demand, and creative design have been instrumental in achieving the complex and integrated goals of these and other projects.

Dan has been asked to testify in front of Congress on the lessons learned from over 150 major BRAC projects throughout the United States and overseas, ultimately covering a broad array of issues such as financial pro forma development, property disposition, land planning engineering design, environmental cleanup, public-private partnerships, rate making analysis, utilities privatization, tax district formation, sustainability, alternative energy assessments, and applications of wholesale wheeling and retail wheeling of power.

Dan is a registered Professional Engineer in many states, with an extensive technical background and education in civil engineering. As an Associate Professor, he has taught civil and structural engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He has authored numerous articles and papers on a wide variety of related topics and is a Founding Director of the Air Force Academy Foundation. Dan also sits on the Engineering Advisory Board for Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.