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Chad Herd, PLA

Co-Director of Landscape Architecture

Chad has 34 years of experience in landscape architecture and planning, with his ability to coordinate and collaborate with other professionals evident in his extensive portfolio of successful projects. Chad further offers a keen sense of how people experience and interact with the natural environment, making him an invaluable leader in meeting diverse planning and design needs — and on a range of project types. His signature projects include the design of Staunton State Park for Colorado Parks and Wildlife; the Arkansas River Levee Master Plan for the City of Pueblo, Colorado; and Site Management Master Plans for the South Shore at the Boulder Reservoir for the City of Boulder, and The Commons – Park Blocks in the City Medford, Oregon. These projects included a variety of park, urban, and natural components, including trails, plazas, event areas, amphitheaters, and playgrounds, as well as stream restoration, stabilization, and vegetation enhancement. Chad is also very adept at leading public engagement/stakeholder involvement processes, an integral component of his projects’ success.