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We are experts in our fields committed to serving clients and growing the next generation of Matrix leadership.

Matrix operates under the practicing principal concept: our leaders are highly respected and experienced industry leaders that lead by doing. They provide strategic direction, ensure the excellence of our product, cultivate employee engagement, skills, and pride of purpose, and guide the firm towards a sustainable future.

Executive Leadership Team

Service Leaders

Gregory Shaner, PE

Strategic Development Senior Vice President

Nicole Schanel, PE

Co-Director, Civil

Jeff Killion, PE

Co-Director, Civil

Tom Berger

Director, Construction Management & Survey

Joshua Eldridge

Director, Ecological Services

Charlie Kuhl, PE

Director, Environmental Services

Chris Martin, GISP

Director, GIS

Charlie Perham

Co-Director, Government Consulting

Zakary Payne, PE

Co-Director, Government Consulting

Jason Alwine, PLA

Director, Landscape Architecture

Mike Hrapla

Co-Director, Planning

Mike James, AICP

Co-Director, Planning

Kevin Lardner, PE

Director, Structures

Jamie Price, PE

Director, Transportation

Drew Beck, PE, PMP, CFM

Director, Water Resources