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We are well-versed in all aspects of land surveying and support of a wide range of projects and client needs.

In addition to an accomplished survey management team, Matrix employs highly qualified field teams well-versed in all aspects of traditional surveying and trained in the latest advancements in surveying equipment. Our field teams have demonstrated expertise in high precision and GPS survey, high-density LiDAR scanning, and UAS/drone survey spanning both current and past projects. Matrix staff also bring specialized training in hazardous-waste environments, as well as CPR/AED. 

Our role on projects includes program management, with a primary focus on preparing management plans and project schedules and supporting our field teams. We have extensive experience accurately estimating costs for our services. Quality work products, alternative solutions to complex problems, and managing “scope creep” are all hallmarks of our work. We understand the importance of identifying and managing risk in the early stages of a project. This allows our team to assign contingencies and properly develop a project budget. Matrix has always focused on providing the highest-quality services to our clients.