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Public Engagement & Facilitation

Matrix's award-winning public facilitation experience spans a range of project types and includes both traditional and non-traditional techniques to meet specific client needs for engaging with diverse audiences in different contexts.

A key aspect of Matrix’s public participation approach is fostering input from a broad array of stakeholder groups through in-person and digital methods. Many of our projects have long-term significance and value that stem from inclusive processes that ensure decisions made today still have a positive impact tomorrow. We seek out creative and innovative ways of engaging the community that facilitate and inspire participation and investment regardless of circumstances so that legacy decisions are sustainable well into the future. Matrix tailors every public engagement plan to individual clients and communities to meet the principal challenges faced in public participation, such as budget limitations, efficiency, language barriers, minimal public interest, skepticism, and participant time constraints. We have a nationally and internationally recognized track record engaging all members of a community, including busy families, seniors, local youth, minorities, geographically dispersed residents, and others. Our extensive toolbox, experience, and expertise allow our Teams to develop and execute customized, flexible, and innovative public participation approaches that create strategic and trusted partnerships with community leaders and organizations, employ multiple channels of cost-effective outreach, and reach all residents and stakeholders.


  • Community Planning
  • Compatibility Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Defense Community Consulting
  • Resiliency & Sustainability Planning
  • Partnerships
  • Government Consulting
  • Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
  • GIS