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Visualization through digital 3D graphics and imagery is critical to conveying both conceptual idea and detailed planning and design opportunities to clients and communities.

Our group of landscape architects and graphic experts have successfully supported planning and design efforts with detailed illustrations, image boards, and planning diagrams, as well as 3D visualizations and animations. We regularly provide wayfinding design services, including signage, monumentation, and interpretive design related to placemaking and city/community identity. Our products range from individual 3-D model fly-throughs that feature important urban design elements to illustrative materials for large master planning efforts to visually define community design guidelines.  Our visualization expertise touches and supports all Matrix services.


  • Visualization: Plan & Perspective Graphics, 3D Modeling & Illustration
  • Animations: 3D Model Fly-throughs & Video Graphic Presentations
  • Wayfinding: Signage/Monument Design, Placemaking/Identity, Interpretive Design