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Wildlife Services

How do you plan for enhancing wildlife habitats in urban zones while reducing human-wildlife conflicts?

We have a unique team of wildlife and habitat experts that study wildlife in natural and rural environments to better understand adaptive management practices and techniques for urban settings. We collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies regarding larger species’ movements, while embracing the nuances necessary to protect continuous habitats for the pollinators sustaining our natural and agricultural environments. We guide other Matrix teams, including GIS, Water Resources, Civil Engineering, and Transportation, in aiding local and regional communities to plan, design, and construct better than ever. Our experts further embrace important resources such as state wildlife action plans and professional organizations for researching wildlife and their habitats and filling knowledge gaps for smarter development and preservation.


  • Wildlife Habitat Design & Creation
  • Wildlife Corridor Planning
  • Wildlife-human Conflict Avoidance Strategies
  • Wildlife & Habitat Surveys
  • Pollinator Habitat Design
  • Nuisance & Pest Species Management
  • State Wildlife Action Plan Implementation
  • Biological Assessments