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Structure Selection Reports

With endless possibilities for structure designs, sound structure selection reports provide confidence that the most applicable designs will be used at your sites.

Often used in the planning stage of a project, a structure selection report is the first critical step in ensuring that the right structure is being designed. A structure selection report looks at all aspects of a project, such as site constraints, capital costs, lifecycle costs, aesthetics, environmental impacts, and any other criteria deemed important for project goals. This typically includes looking at different materials, layouts, and alignments to ensure potential designs have been evaluated from all perspectives. The structure selection report also validates the loading criteria utilized in designs to set the standard moving forward. This level of detail is important early in a project to set the foundation for successful outcomes. Matrix structural engineers work closely with other disciplines and subconsultants to ensure that structure selection reports are clear, comprehensive, and accurate and promote the best structures to final design.


  • Bridge Design and Rehabilitation
  • Retaining Walls