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Fountain Terminal Tank Rehabilitation

Matrix assessed and rehabilitated a 2.59-million-gallon Security Terminal Tank (STT) for the Fountain Valley Authority (FVA). The FVA was not aware of the tank’s maintenance history, and many believed only minor maintenance had been performed since it was constructed in 1981. The Matrix Team evaluated the structural integrity of the tank, confirming code as well as health and safety compliance.

The STT is essential to meeting local water demands and could only be taken out of service for a limited time between October and April. Due to this restriction, Matrix performed a floating assessment of roof components while the tank was in operation. This allowed a detailed assessment of critical structural components while the FVA still supplied water to its customers.

The assessment proved that the tank needed repairs for long-term reliability and stability, and Matrix and the FVA agreed that all critical maintenance items that affected water quality and structural stability had to be performed immediately. The primary scope of work for tank rehabilitation involved replacing steel rafters and recoating the interior and exterior of the tank. Matrix worked with the contractor to expedite design and review of the necessary rafter replacements to keep the project on schedule. We provided additional support by performing daily construction observations, responding to requests for information and submittals, and preparing record drawings at the conclusion of construction.