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Bear Creek Tank Rehabilitation

Matrix performed an assessment of the 2.0 million- gallon Bear Creek Tank for Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). CSU had no record drawings on the tank but knew that only minor cleaning and routine maintenance had been performed since it was built in 1964.

The assessment involved evaluating the structural integrity of the tank and confirming code as well as health and safety compliance. Due to the location of the tank within CSU’s system, it could only be taken out of service for half a day to perform the assessment, which showed that the tank was exhibiting coating failure and the rafters supporting the roof were exhibiting significant section loss. Additional information provided by CSU indicated that water quality had been a concern in the past and there was a desire to include a mixing system into the tank. After performing a lifecycle cost analysis, it was determined that a passive mixing system would provide the most value over the remaining service life of the tank. A Tideflex passive mixing system was chosen and Tideflex performed a mixing analysis on the reservoir to determine the optimum locations for the check valves.

Matrix worked with the contractor to determine which rafters would be replaced and expedited design and review of the replacements. Throughout construction, Matrix provided daily inspection support. We produced daily logs and performed independent mil thickness and dry film thickness readings on all areas of the tank to check that the contractor was in compliance with the plans and specifications.