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Andersen Air Force Base UXO Remediation

Matrix Environmental Services, LLC, performed two munitions remediation projects at Andersen Air Force Base totaling $4 million in support of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) realignment of Marine Corps elements to Guam. Munitions clearance of construction footprints to depths sometimes exceeding 18 feet was concurrently performed for two new adjacent flight line hangars: the Pacific Air Power Resiliency Tanker Group Maintenance Hangar and the Strike Fuel Systems Maintenance Hangar. Within 45 days of contract award, Matrix mobilized 29 unexploded ordnance (UXO) technicians and additional support personnel to locate and remove Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC)/Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) using conventional mag and dig procedures to the depth of construction or the top of bedrock in six-inch lifts. Matrix leveraged its local office in Tamuning, Guam, and its staff’s knowledge to recruit and hire local qualified personnel to fill traffic control and UXO technician positions, as well as for administrative support.

Explosive and excavation safety considerations and the natural environmental conditions posed unique challenges for Matrix’s UXO technicians, who mitigated them by establishing traffic control monitors and conducting on-site training and daily safety briefings. Work was performed at night to limit exclusion safety zone impacts to the flight line and other mission-critical operations. Matrix also provided two full-time UXO safety officers to support daytime excavation and hauling operations by other, non-UXO-qualified contractors.

Matrix was responsible for the preparation of planning documents, including a work plan, safety plan, traffic control plan, and community outreach materials; supervising subsurface clearance activities; construction support; MEC identification; and the treatment, storage, and final disposition of MPPEH. All work was performed in accordance with Joint Region Marianas Explosives Safety Submission (ESS), NAVSEA OP 5, and NOSSAINST 8020.15D. During a site audit, Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (NAVEODTECHDIV) representatives commended our team for high-quality documentation and adopted deliverables as standard-bearers for future munitions projects in Guam.