Ohio Defense Counseling

Matrix prepared a comprehensive and succinct guide on the laws, programs, and benefits that Ohio has implemented to support military members, veterans, and their families. This Military Friendly Guide includes concise summaries of benefits ranging from protections, registrations, professional licensure portability, and taxes to education and family support. Both the digital and hardcopy products leverage unique branding and formatting to be instantly recognizable ,easy to understand, and connect users directly to state program websites, agency offices, and other resources necessary to meet their needs.

To augment comprehensive and accurate development of the guide, Matrix performed an in-depth gap analysis of existing military-friendly programs and legislative policies. As a foundation of this assessment, Matrix identified over 1,000 unique state-level policies in the 25 most populated states to provide recommendations based in proven successes, yet tailored specifically for Ohio to improve its taxation, education, employment, monetary benefits, and advocacy programs.

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