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Marana 2040 General Plan

Matrix developed the Make Marana 2040 General Plan to address rapid population growth and development in Marana, Arizona, while protecting the community’s rich natural resources, cultural heritage, and distinctive sense of place.

The Matrix Team assisted the Town with a future land use analysis that aligned new investment with current values and goals. We developed a map displaying residential, commercial, and retail land uses, along with parks and open space, to aid with holistic planning for development projects, both current and future. The plan further emphasized opportunities for developing a core downtown area with local businesses and public gathering spaces as the center of socioeconomic engagement; expanding cultural events and recreational options; and developing and protecting treasured archaeological sites as managed heritage tourism destinations that emphasize the connection between Marana’s past and present lifeways.

Public engagement was a critical component of plan development and included public workshops, open houses, surveys, and other community events that took place throughout the life of the project. Community members, the Town Planning Commission, the Town Council, the General Plan Advisory Committee, the Marana Citizens’ Forum, focus groups, and the general public were actively involved in the project, helping identify key community assets and development goals.

Make Marana 2040 provides the community with a graphically oriented Map Atlas that details the history, assets, and vision for the community, as well as the General Plan itself that addresses a range of elements and positions Marana for strategic growth and a vibrant future.