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Central Park P-10 Parks

The redevelopment of Stapleton International Airport included the identification of P-10 Park as a future regional park for the northern part of the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) community, Denver’s largest neighborhood. The project provided over 70 acres of local pedestrian trails, regional trails, open space and playground facilities.

Matrix was responsible for the structural design of all park features, including five prefabricated steel truss pedestrian bridges with spans ranging from 60ft – 140ft clear spans and four cast-in-place slab bridges  with curvilinear forms consisting in single-span and four-span bridges. All bridges were designed for a minimum AASHTO H-5 loading and 90psf pedestrian loading. In addition to the 9 bridges, Matrix designed over one thousand feet of retaining walls, 20-foot-tall abutment walls, and seat walls throughout the parks. The P-10 Park is now divided into individual parks named Prairie Meadows Park, Cottonwood Gallery Park, Sandhills Prairie Park, Willow Basin Park, Willow Park Dog Park, and Corridor Park.