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Venetucci Boulevard Bridge

Matrix performed design engineering as a subconsultant to Wildcat Construction for the Venetucci Boulevard extension design-build project in Fountain, Colorado. The project links Venetucci Boulevard to a major retail center via B Street, which improves connectivity and facilitates economic activity in the area.

To complete this connection, a 140-foot-long bridge over Fisher’s Creek and 1,750 feet of two-lane road were required. Matrix examined the preliminary design provided by the City and found an opportunity to reduce costs by realigning the roadway and shortening the overall length of the bridge. This value engineering effort reduced the bridge from 140 feet to 123 feet.

Erosion was a main concern for the City due to the soft clays in the creek. To mitigate potential negative impacts resulting from the soft clays, Matrix used drilled caissons — large, watertight chambers — that were more than 40 feet deep in the bridge design, which will ensure the structure remains in place if the banks erode from scouring or reach the maximum scour depth. To further improve the longevity of the bridge, our team used precast, prestressed concrete girders for the superstructure, which will extend the service life of the bridge and ultimately require less maintenance than other options.

This project was carried out through an alternative delivery approach — design-build for the City and full design of 1,900 feet of roadway and a 123-foot-long bridge span over Fisher’s Creek — and collaboration with the City on bridge realignment to reduce costs. The resulting Venetucci Boulevard extension enhances connectivity in the area and facilitates economic activity. The extension allows residents and visitors utilizing B Street to access the major retail center with ease.