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TrueNorth Commons Pedestrian Bridge

Matrix was the lead structural engineer for the True North Commons Pedestrian Bridge. The Visitor Center and Hotel at the Air Force Academy Northgate Entrance serves as an iconic gateway to the United States Air Force Academy. The True North Commons Pedestrian Bridge provides access from the Hotel to the Visitor Center, crossing Northgate Boulevard. The bridge is a two-span, 204-foot long precast bulb-tee girder bridge that is 21-feet wide. The bridge was designed to be as sleek and visually slender as possible in order to meet vertical clearance requirements over Northgate Boulevard. The lighting and aesthetics of the bridge match the rest of the Unite States Air Force Academy architecture found throughout the campus.

The bridge utilizes a uniquely triangular shaped middle pier that has a hollow opening between columns. Due to the location of the pier in relation to Northgate Boulevard, the pier was designed for collision loads. The unique shape of the pier resulted in higher strength concrete mix design being required and a careful layout of steel reinforcement to ensure the rebar all fit within the cages.