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Uplands Townhomes Phase 2A

Matrix supported the execution of the Uplands Townhomes Phase 2A project, the first stage in replacing 148 distressed townhomes in Pueblo, Colorado, with a Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)-funded, pedestrian-oriented townhome development designed to enhance walkability, community engagement, and quality of life. The development will feature a series of neighborhoods, each focused on a central, landscaped open space with underground water quality treatment areas. The design uses a network of interconnected on- and off-street walkways spanning the 12.88-acre site to integrate the neighborhoods and facilitate pedestrian interactions. Narrowed traffic lanes and on-street parking will slow traffic and increase safety for all travelers. The site is sustainability conscious, with the implementation of solar and pervious paver systems. The Pueblo Housing Authority community will be developed in multiple phases; Phase 2A included 51 townhomes in 12 new buildings, 73 parking spaces, and associated infrastructure on approximately six acres.