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Reagan Ranch

Reagan Ranch is a 225-acre, master-planned community that brings a mix of industrial, commercial/office, and residential uses to eastern Colorado Springs, Colorado. The project adds 28 acres of industrial uses, 62 acres of commercial/office/general retail space, 119 acres of mixed-density residential opportunities, and over 21 acres of public parkland to the City.

Matrix engaged with City staff and stakeholders throughout the master-planning process to address various site constraints and problem-solve collaboratively, fostering cooperation on land use transitions and buffers, noise mitigation, connectivity and traffic planning, and parks/open space planning. This resulted in approval of the Master Plan by the City of Colorado Springs Planning Commission and City Council, allowing for future economic growth, critical housing options, and much-needed infrastructure extensions and upgrades.

The mixed-use community incorporates significant opportunities for general retail, as well as office space for potential research and development uses that could support two nearby military installations. The mixed-density project includes a variety of housing styles ranging from traditional, single-family detached dwelling units to small-lot developments and multifamily units in an area where limited housing exists. These land uses are complemented by over 21 acres of parks, open space, and trail corridors, including a nine-acre neighborhood park and community center.

The master-planned project required extensive coordination with multiple jurisdictions. The existing main roadway bisecting the property was realigned and required right-of-way acquisition and negotiation with adjacent parcels and jurisdictions, including the sale of Colorado Department of Transportation land. Over 30 miles of utility extensions were necessary to serve the site, including 8-inch water, 12-inch water, 16-inch water, 8-inch forcemain, 14-inch forcemain, and 8-inch gravity sanitary extensions. Matrix worked closely with Colorado Springs Utilities to design and route a portion of its transmission main that will be used to provide redundant water availability to southeastern Colorado Springs. Grading of the 225 acres required moving approximately 1 million cubic yards of material to create a cohesive design between the residential and commercial portions of the site while still maintaining necessary drainage patterns. A stormwater bypass system was designed to convey upstream stormwater flows through the site, which included a 4-foot-by-8-foot box culvert. Completion included at least six water quality and detention ponds that were deliberately planned to enhance the beauty of the area while protecting downstream infrastructure.