Aurora Highlands Mass Grading

Matrix provided construction management, contract administration, construction inspection, coordinated stakeholder meetings, and schedule and production updates and reviewed contractor payment applications to the individual homebuilder involved in the mass grading efforts at The Aurora Highlands in Aurora, Colorado. All construction management services that our Team provided were included as portions of the scope of work outlined in the Cost Sharing Agreement between homebuilders and individual contractors .

Many problems could have arisen during construction efforts, the implementation of storm water management plans, government inspections, cost and schedule changes, contractual change order requests, geotechnical testing, survey certification, and imperfect coordination efforts between stakeholders. Our Team’s construction management experience and expertise ensured any issues were prevented or resolved in a timely manner to successfully avoid construction delays or increased costs. Matrix was at the head of coordination efforts that lead to the desired productivity onsite and that ensured all stakeholders were working together and not as individuals.