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Marksheffel Road/Dublin Boulevard

Matrix was selected by the City of Colorado Springs to analyze how the intersection at Marksheffel Road and Dublin Boulevard operated and what improvements could be made to mitigate any deficiencies. Our Team worked with All Traffic Data Services to collect and adjust traffic volume data to account for impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel. The intersection was shown to operate deficiently during both AM and PM peak hours and with queue lengths longer than available turn lanes. Matrix developed a series of turn lane improvements, as well as an additional southbound through lane — or auxiliary through lane (ATL) — that would carry past the intersection and then taper out. NCHRP Report 707 – Guidelines on the use of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Signalized Intersections was used to estimate how much traffic would use the second through lane and second westbound left-turn lane once commuters realized that the second lane will end past the intersection. It was determined that 19% of the traffic would use the ATL, which would improve intersection operations to LOS D or better for all approaches. Matrix was further contracted to develop the recommendations into design documents and a construction document package.