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Dublin Road/Peterson Boulevard Intersection

Matrix was asked by the City of Colorado Springs to study this busy all-way stop-controlled intersection with an elementary school on the southeast corner. The afternoon pick-up from school caused backups and intersection congestion. Matrix created a model using Synchro software of the intersection and checked traffic volumes against traffic signal warrants in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Matrix determined that a traffic signal should be installed at the intersection along with curb and median realignments to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and create better north/south alignment through the intersection. Matrix created conceptual design, preliminary design (30 percent), and final design (90 percent) documents through October 2018 when the City placed the project on hold. The project was re-initiated in April 2020 with a revised final design (90 percent) plans, specifications, and estimate package. The project was constructed in the fall of 2020.

Installation of the traffic signal allowed the intersection to operate better and reconfiguration of the intersection to allow shorter pedestrian crossing distances allowed pedestrians to be exposed for a shorter time, making the intersection safer to cross. The signal-controlled pedestrian crossing also allowed more parents to park in the parking lot on the northwest corner of the intersection and walk across to pick up their students shortening the length of the vehicle queue along Dublin Boulevard.