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Maryland Statewide Joint Land Use Study Response Implementation Strategy

Maryland’s military facilities, spanning all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, contribute more than $57 billion in statewide economic impact and support over 370,000 jobs, playing a vital role in local, state, and regional economies. Development that is compatible with these facilities and their ranges and airspace is paramount to protecting and growing the military missions throughout the State while ensuring communities continue to prosper economically and enjoy a high quality of life.

Matrix identified potential compatibility issues between Maryland military installations and their surrounding communities that may have statewide and/or regional impacts, then determined where opportunities exist for the State to take policy actions or assist local jurisdictions with compatibility planning. This statewide approach created efficiencies in the way compatibility can be implemented through shared resources and with reduced duplication of efforts.

Matrix employed a robust engagement process with state agencies, localities, and the military to identify and analyze 25 compatibility topics applicable on a statewide and regional level, provide recommendations and solutions to manage common community/military compatibility concerns, and improve early coordination between numerous entities and organizations.

The Matrix Team assessed and recommended enhancements to Maryland land use planning legislation and Maryland interagency communication and coordination protocols for identifying, responding to, and proactively preventing encroachment on military installations. We evaluated procedural gaps in the permitting process for solar and geothermal energy development and the threat these structures can pose to military operations, then recommended solutions to possible risks posed by vertical obstructions and interference from tall structures. Analysis of the area around each installation helped create a plan to enhance awareness and deconflict the complex airspace environment used by the military.