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Austin Bluffs 10MG Tank Rehabilitation

Matrix performed a dry and floating assessment of the 10-million-gallon Austin Bluffs Tank for Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). CSU had very limited drawings of the tank but knew that only minor cleaning and routine maintenance had been performed since it was built in the 1950s.

The assessment involved evaluating the structural integrity of the tank and confirming code as well as health and safety compliance. The existing roof was a pea gravel ballast system that was overgrown with vegetation and had to be inspected to ensure the system had not been compromised. A floating inspection of the tank while it was in service was required and involved a raft, Tyvex suits, and proper disinfection, along with confined space training. The Matrix Team drew on best practices and firsthand experience to carefully plan the floating inspection and ensure all safety protocols associated with a confined space inspection were followed. The work indicated the roof system had been compromised, which required the tank to be shut down and emergency repairs executed.

Matrix designed an EPDM rubber roofing system that could be applied on the tank to withstand extreme wind, rain, and storm events. We also provided construction observations, including reporting on daily activities, responding to contractor RFIs and submittals, and preparing record drawings for the roof repairs, additional concrete repairs on the tank, and double-tee girder repairs to close off exposed prestressing steel strands.