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Teller County Water Asset Management Database

Teller County Water & Sanitation District #1, which serves the Paint Pony Ranch and Sunnywood Loop subdivisions in Woodland Park, Colorado, had limited information on its roughly seven miles of water mains. The District needed a mechanism for pinpointing and visualizing the exact locations of its assets and for updating asset information on the fly — whether in the office or in the field.

Matrix’s GIS team developed a geospatial database to facilitate the location of District assets and the day-to-day and long-term maintenance of its water distribution system. The team used Esri’s Local Government Information Model for the database framework and customized features to meet the District’s needs. Based on a series of meetings with the asset manager and careful review of original as-built drawings, the database was populated with information on water mains, wells and tanks, water meters, valves, fittings, and fire hydrants. Our GIS experts also created two mapping products, including a set of detailed water system maps for field crews with other utility locations, roads, and parcel information. The team further deployed a field collection framework for District workers to easily update data using mobile devices or computers and to view that information on an intuitive, web-based map. In addition to maintaining attribute information, employees can now upload photos and schematics to the database to document repairs.

No longer dependent on old documents and waning institutional knowledge, the District can proactively manage its assets and provide time- and cost-efficient service now and well into the future.