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Tucson South Sand & Gravel Mine

The Tucson South Sand and Gravel Mine Project is focused on a 300-acre property along the Platte River, south and west of Brighton, Colorado. Holcim US was forbidden from processing on, or trucking from, the site and needed a two-mile-long conveyor system to transport mined materials to a nearby processing plant.  Matrix assisted Holcim in all aspects of the project, from the design and permitting phase through procurement, inspection, and the ultimate production of materials from the site.   

The project included demolishing the existing site, installing 2.8 miles of slurry wall around the perimeter of the mining pit , developing a conveyor system from the pit to the aggregate processing plant, constructing a water discharge system, and landscaping to screen the project from Colorado Highway 7. The conveyor system is two miles long and includes three overhead crossings at county and private roads and an underground box culvert across a major county arterial road. 






"Matrix was vital in keeping this project on track."
Paul Conrad, Land & Reserve Manager, Holcim