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Joint Base San Antonio Regional Compatible Use Study

The Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Regional Compatible Use Plan (RCUP) reduces potential conflicts between operations at JBSA installations and surrounding communities while accommodating new growth and economic development and protecting public health, safety, and welfare. JBSA is an economic engine for the San Antonio, Texas, region, generating over $30 billion annually. As the largest regional employer, JBSA provides 187,000 jobs.

Potential conflicts are often measured in terms of risk. To identify compatibility-related risks to JBSA and the surrounding communities, Matrix developed a first-of-its-kind Geographic Information Systems (GIS) raster analysis for the RCUP. The analysis focused on influence areas comprising all land within a five-mile radius of JBSA installations and included San Antonio International Airport’s operations area.

The influence areas were divided into hundreds of thousands of five-acre grid cells for the purposes of assigning risk scores. Numerous GIS layers were obtained or created to inform each area analysis; current land use, future growth, environmental variables, and communication were included. Each feature in the layers was scored on a scale of 0-5 based on overall risk of incompatibility with installation missions and operations. The individual layers were then rasterized and scores weighted under a variety of planning scenarios, including mission risk, community risk, and impacts to development.

The process was incorporated into Esri’s ModelBuilder and then automated. The tool helps inform decisions by allowing stakeholders to tailor their approach based on scenarios of interest.