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Matrix's Strategic Roadmap for USSF Facilities Management

12 June 2024

Through the development of a comprehensive strategic roadmap, Matrix has significantly enhanced facilities management for Cyberspace Operators in the United States Space Force Delta 6. By assessing the current state of their facilities management practices and identifying areas for improvement, Matrix provided a structured framework designed to transition from a needs-based, reactive approach to a proactive, integrated, and continuously improving program.

Our strategic roadmap outlines a phased implementation plan, establishing standardized processes, data-collection initiatives, and long-term investment plans. This structured approach ensures that each step is purposefully designed to build on the previous one, fostering a cohesive and efficient process. We also addressed immediate space requirements by facilitating the acquisition of short-term leases and initiating facility projects tailored to meet their operational needs. By providing training, conducting regular Facility Working Groups, and drafting Standard Operating Procedures, Matrix has streamlined communication, validated unit projects, and ensured a consistent understanding of facilities management processes across the organization. 

By adopting this strategic approach, Space Delta 6 is positioned to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and operational excellence. The improvements we've facilitated enhance day-to-day operations and strengthen mission readiness and success.