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Creating Inclusive Spaces, Revitalizing Huston Lake Park

28 May 2024

Located south of Denver in the Athmar Park neighborhood, Matrix has been hard at work enhancing Huston Lake Park. In collaboration with Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR), we’re fostering inclusivity and fun for all as the park transforms into a vibrant community space.

With the recent replacement of the asphalt walking loop on the west side, completed in November 2023, accessibility has already improved for the community. The latest phase of renovations, which centers around redesigning the playground to enhance the overall park-goer experience, is projected to be finalized by Fall of this year. 

Throughout this process we are ensuring that individuals of all abilities can enjoy the park to its fullest. Matrix is committed to upholding standards of accessibility by meeting RISE bond requirements and adhering to DPR’s standards. We are dedicated to fostering positive change as Huston Lake Park continues to grow into a welcoming space for community and inclusivity.

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