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WARSSS Methodology in Action: Matrix's Strategic Plan for Watershed Restoration

21 May 2024

In the aftermath of a devastating wildfire, the path to recovery and restoration can seem daunting for agencies tasked with the responsibility. After the East Troublesome Fire in Grand County, Colorado, Matrix was tasked to create a comprehensive Post-Fire Restoration Master Plan. 

Working closely with Northern Water and the USFS, we utilized the Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply (WARSSS) methodology. This framework served as the guide in developing a plan tailored specifically to the needs of the affected region. Our team developed a quantitative and methodical approach on how to collect and analyze data, identify portions of the watershed that need the most attention, and prioritize field data collection. Our analysis identified potential sediment sources that could jeopardize downstream infrastructure, water quality, and habitat. To slow degradation and facilitate the natural processes back toward equilibrium potential projects will be identified, laying the groundwork for targeted intervention.

This collaborative effort highlights the importance of strategic planning and innovation in tackling the challenges posed by wildfires. With our approach, the journey from devastation to restoration is well underway.