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Shaping Tomorrow Together with La Paz County

14 May 2024

Matrix is working with La Paz County in crafting a new visionary Comprehensive Plan. Over the next 15 months, Matrix is committed to an inclusive and dynamic engagement process aimed at harnessing the insights and aspirations of residents, visitors, and local leaders.

This strategic blueprint will serve as a reflection of the community's vision and goals, outlining actionable strategies for sustainable growth and conservation. Matrix will address key challenges such as water resource management, ensuring that La Paz County thrives as a sustainable and vibrant community. This plan will prioritize investments that enhance the quality of life for all while honoring and leveraging the county's rich agricultural heritage and its status as a premier destination for tourism and recreation.

This collaborative effort will shape the future of La Paz County, preserving its unique landscapes and enriching the lives of those who cherish its river and desert attractions. Together, Matrix and La Paz County are set to create a roadmap that guides the community toward a prosperous and sustainable future.