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Transforming Air Force Warehouse Operations into 3D Efficiency

16 April 2024

Traditionally, the Air Force Civil Engineering community has relied on a two-dimensional, square-foot perspective for space-use management, primarily guided by Air Force Manual 32-1084. While effective for administrative and operational areas, this approach has left the optimization of warehouse operations lagging behind industry standards.

We partnered with the 355th Civil Engineer Squadron at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to build a comprehensive initiative to introduce a three-dimensional, cubic-foot optimization strategy. Working alongside 11 organizations, we assessed over 300,000 square feet of storage space across 20 facilities.

Through this thorough assessment, we identified a multitude of enhancement opportunities aimed at transforming warehouse operations. These enhancements included just-in-time inventory, bulk shipments, dead space repurposing, modular shelving, cross-docking, and digital inventory tracking. The culmination of this rigorous analysis resulted in tailored implementation plans that are projected to increase floor space utilization by up to 30% and overall storage capacity by an impressive 70%.

This partnership with the 355th Civil Engineer Squadron marks a significant milestone in the evolution of military logistics, signaling a shift towards greater efficiency and innovation in space management within the Air Force Civil Engineering community.