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Embracing Environmental Justice: Matrix Environmental Services Leading the Way

12 March 2024

At Services, we strive to enhance environmental justice by prioritizing fairness and inclusivity in our projects, cultivating a healthier environment for all. With a diverse team skilled in asset management, social equity, and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) analysis, we proudly integrate environmental justice into our work. The journey towards environmental justice is ongoing, and we remain committed to creating positive impacts in every community.

One standout project that exemplifies our dedication to environmental justice is the enhancement of ADA compliance in El Paso County's transportation system. Leveraging GIS technologies, we identified disparities and linked degraded sidewalk quality to lower socioeconomic status in underserved communities.

Through the integration of an equity-centered pedestrian infrastructure strategy into the El Paso County Strategic Plan, we proactively address these disparities. By providing accessible and safe transport options, we aim to reduce health inequalities and promote inclusivity. Our ADA Improvement Plan prioritizes needs and offers decision-makers a clear roadmap for creating more equitable neighborhoods.

At Matrix, we're not just a firm; we're a force for positive change. By championing environmental justice, we enhance the quality of life for historically underserved communities, driving meaningful progress and fostering a brighter future for all.

From Lauren: should this be “We are” or should it being MES be differentiated?