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Building Tomorrow Together: Matrix Takes the Lead in Phoenix Light Rail Development Project

05 March 2024

In a significant move towards fostering inclusivity and fairness in urban development, the City of Phoenix has embarked on a groundbreaking Transit-Oriented Development Land Use Planning and Equitable Housing project for the Capitol and I-10 West Light Rail Extensions. We are at the forefront of this transformative initiative - proud to lead the land use and master planning components of this community plan.

Dedicated to making a positive impact, we are actively engaged in community outreach, multimodal planning, and the development of strategies for equitable economic growth and affordable housing in the area. Having developed the Arizona Governmental Mall Master Plan incorporating mixed-use developments alongside the upcoming light rail extension, our strong land use and planning experience will contribute to a vibrant vision for the Capitol. The result will be a forward-thinking plan that not only enhances connectivity but also transforms the urban landscape into a dynamic and inclusive environment.

The City of Phoenix is poised for a transformative journey that fosters community engagement, sustainability, and economic accessibility. As we witness the unfolding of this urban renaissance, we remain committed to steering Phoenix toward a future where development benefits everyone.