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Building Bridges, Bridging Communities: Broadway Station’s Remarkable Pedestrian Connection

25 February 2024

Located at the southern gateway to Denver’s central business district is Broadway Station - an expansive urban development emerging as the city’s largest transit-oriented project. Spanning over 60 acres, this landmark lifestyle and transportation hub provides a variety of services to South Denver and beyond. A successful collaboration between the City & County of Denver, Denver Urban Renewal Authority, Colorado Department of Transportation, and the ownership team, Broadway Station integrates mixed-use residential, affordable housing, and ground-level commercial real estate. Matrix plays a pivotal role, offering Civil and Structural Design, Environmental Compliance, Landscape Architecture Design, and Construction Management support for the development’s infrastructure.

The urban infill neighborhood involves a comprehensive approach to address complex engineering challenges. Matrix has consistently delivered each phase on time and within budget through demolition of former factory foundations, environmental cleanup, utility installations, roadway construction, and more, showcasing expertise in environmentally and economically feasible solutions.

Multiple commercial and transportation railroad lines and the South Platte River separate Broadway Station. We are providing our expertise and services to create the South Pedestrian Bridge, built over the railroad right of way to accommodate the flow of residents from either side. At 220 feet, this center-span truss is Colorado’s longest unsupported single-span truss. This central section is one of three that will compose the entire bridge, set to stretch just under 375 feet.

This bridge will provide much-needed pedestrian connectivity from the South Platte River Trail to the RTD Broadway Station when completed. Despite the vertical construction of the development still forthcoming, the erected bridge is already a notable landmark of the area!