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Strategic Traffic Solutions: Marksheffel Road/Dublin Boulevard Improvement

07 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Marksheffel Road/Dublin Boulevard Intersection Improvements Analysis and Design project, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing community infrastructure. Through our on-call contract with the City of Colorado Springs, Matrix was entrusted to elevate the functionality of this vital intersection.

Through meticulous analysis, we identified critical deficiencies during peak hours, with certain movements rated as Level of Service E or F. To solve this, we proposed strategic mitigation measures to optimize traffic flow. This included the construction of an exclusive eastbound right-turn lane and a second westbound left-turn lane, necessitating the creation of a second southbound through lane to accommodate the additional turn lane.

Our recommendations underwent thorough review and were endorsed by the City, leading to the implementation of the proposed improvements. We delivered a comprehensive plan, specifications, and estimate bid package, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to execution.

We are delighted to announce that the construction phase was successfully completed in the fall of 2023, contributing significantly to the overall improvement of Marksheffel Road and Dublin Boulevard.

It is a privilege to contribute to the enhancement of our community's infrastructure. The success of the Marksheffel Road/Dublin Boulevard Intersection Improvements project reinforces our dedication to driving positive change and fostering safer, more efficient roadways for all road users.