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Wecker Hall: Elevating Legacy, Designing the Future

24 January 2024

Matrix is actively engaged in designing Wecker Hall at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In collaboration with RTA Architects and other partners, this is a significant project for the USAFA Foundation and Association of Graduates.

USAFA’s beautiful military campus has a rich history and we are fortunate to be part of the team that’s adding to its representation! Matrix is committed to preserving the traditional aesthetics, history, and environmental standards of the USAFA through our civil design. Our contributions to the campus include the incorporation of rain gardens as drainage elements to align with the environmental vision of the USAFA and the State of Colorado while also contouring the project's elevated terrain to ensure accessibility for all USAFA staff, cadets, families, veterans, and other visitors.

We're excited about the development of Wecker Hall, a two-story office building that will feature open workstations, individual offices, meeting rooms, a recording and podcasting studio with a control room, an employee common area, parking spaces, and a Class Ring monument in the paved plaza alongside the existing Pegasus statue.

In addition to our civil contributions, the architectural team and other collaborators are actively pushing the environmental boundaries. The team’s pursuit of zero energy status involves the integration of solar power components, a ground source heat pump system, and various other zero-energy strategies such as solar shading and increased envelope R and U values. The project aims to achieve a LEED Silver standard, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.