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Making Connections Through Data Science & Machine Learning

04 January 2024

Matrix is making waves as an emerging player in the dynamic world of data science and machine learning!

Data science is the art of extracting insights and knowledge from both structured (databases and spreadsheets) and unstructured (documents, images, audio, video, social media) data. It's a holistic approach encompassing statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence used to identify patterns in data and make predictions or reveal subtle insights from that information. Depending on what data is available to the organization, different tools and solutions can be developed to suit their needs and streamline workflows.

A recent example of this is our work with the Air Force Installation & Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) on their Real Estate Services Activity Management Plan. As Air Force bases request lease funds in their Execution Plan, the lease information needs to be validated and confirmed against the Air Force's NexGen real property database. Previously, this required cross-referencing by hand the two different data sources with decidedly different structures.

AFIMSC now boasts an elegant tool displaying Execution Plan requests side by side with lease details from the database of record. This streamlined approach facilitates easy comparison, sparing validators from tedious and ad hoc processes so they can now focus their time and energy efficiently, avoiding redundancy and swiftly pinpointing discrepancies. This not only expedites the validation process but also sparks productive conversations with the Air Force bases when discrepancies are found.

Matrix continues to develop tailor-made solutions that drive efficiency, foster collaboration, and transform data into actionable insights for our clients.