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Matrix Raises $1500 for Charity in 12th Colfax Marathon

15 June 2022

Matrix runners competed in the 2022 Colfax Marathon on May 15th — our twelfth consecutive year participating! Our top team blazed through like blue streaks with a third-place overall time of 3:09:17 for 26.2 miles, the fastest in firm history! This run time was also the fastest in the Construction, Engineering, and Development Corporate Division. The third place award was a $1500 donation for our chosen charity, Water for People, a global nonprofit that helps people bring clean water and sanitation to communities for generations to come.

Many thanks to Kevin Lardner who coordinates the event for us each year, to Kim Kindig and Valerie Mauro who go the distance in organizing post-event activities, to our fellow employees, families, and friends who dashed out to cheer us on, and to our runners:

  • Drew Beck
  • Allie Berger
  • Tom Berger
  • Cameron Bowsky
  • Carisa Cipoletti
  • Michael Cipoletti
  • Austen Cutrell
  • Emily DeGroot
  • Ryan DeGroot
  • Kevin Fennelly
  • Jeff Irving
  • Miranda Johnson
  • Nate Jones
  • Colleen Kelley
  • Bennet Madigan
  • Sal Nodjomian
  • Joseph Perez
  • Nicole Schanel
  • Nick Talocco
  • Alex Trout
  • Megan Windeknecht