Matrix is currently performing a community-driven, cooperative, strategic JLUS process among Redstone Arsenal (RSA), the surrounding local jurisdictions, and the State of Alabama, to promote community development that is compatible with military training, testing, and operational missions and seek ways to reduce operational impacts on adjacent lands. In this particular JLUS, special attention is being paid to airspace and land restrictions, operational noise, urban growth, spectrum encroachment, endangered species and critical habitat, alternative energy, other environmental issues and cultural resources, and several other factors.

RSA actively manages existing and likely civilian encroachment in a number of ways, including through participation in the Army’s Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) program. Potential community impacts associated with engineering, testing, and training activities on RSA are routinely communicated through a number of different channels to neighboring jurisdictions. The JLUS process will enhance and refine these , activities to improve encroachment management. The JLUS is also addressing concerns regarding the noise contours of the installation and their impact on future development.

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