The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) program has reported statistics that it is more likely that children of minorities and families living in poverty are less likely to experience and engage in the great outdoors through activities such as hiking, biking, camping, learning about plants and wildlife, growing plants in a school garden, fishing, and visiting or working on a working farm or ranch. GOCO’s Inspire Initiative is intended to get all children, particularly those who may not have access to additional resources, to experience and learn about their natural resources. This initial investment will lead to greater involvement in the country and a return to the homeland to continue the initial investment and dedication to their community and health. Moreover, the GOCO Inspire Initiative operates under these overarching principles:

  • Protecting more land and wildlife habitat,
  • Connecting people to the great outdoors and trails, parks, and open spaces, and
  • Inspiring Coloradans to get outside and take care of the world around them and themselves

With these goals as the guiding framework, the Pueblo GOCO will benefit the parents and children of the neighborhoods and generations to come.

Matrix planners and recreation experts are providing healthy community planning and engaging the community and its younger residents with fun and results-oriented techniques that will develop a common vision and identify and plan for projects, programs, and activities that will bring outdoor education and recreational activities to the children and families in targeted neighborhoods. The plan developed will also lay the groundwork to secure additional funding needed to realize the community’s vision of becoming a Pilot Community for the Inspire Initiative.

Services Include: