Matrix is currently working on this project, which encompasses the creation of two separate redevelopment areas (RDAs) and the preparation of a redevelopment plan for each in order to extend the existing Mesa Town Center Redevelopment Area and the Central Business District (CBD). The Redevelopment Area designation and redevelopment plan will set the direction for transforming the targeted areas into strong, vibrant, and economically sustainable quality employment centers with a healthy mix of retail and light industrial uses while addressing the problems of slum and/or blight, vacant properties, crime, and inappropriate land use.

Major components of the scope of services include: an analysis of the proposed redevelopment area boundary to support a finding that the area is a slum or blighted and a finding of necessity by the City Council that creates a new redevelopment area, public relations management including presentations to the public and to elected and appointed officials, expansion of the Downtown Central Business District, and the creation of a redevelopment plan upon successful adoption of a new redevelopment area and expansion of the Downtown Central Business District. 

Services Include: