September 22, 2017

Matrix is sponsoring Michael Pompliano, an environmental engineer with Matrix Environmental Services, to participate in a weeklong volunteer opportunity at the Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum & Educational Facility in Hagåtña.

This initiative will be performed as part of the Matrix Global Fellowship Program, a worldwide outreach that allows Matrix to lend our expertise to domestic and international philanthropic and government agencies providing community service and benefits.  Michael will be assisting the Guam Museum with their plans for two programs of community and ecological importance: a recycling initiative and a phased landscaping plan to replace non-indigenous plants with flora native to the island. The latter is being coordinated through the Department of Agriculture and holds a symbolic importance in the light of Guam’s challenges with non-indigenous species. The museum, which opened at its innovative permanent facility in 2016, plans to incorporate these programs as part of an overall environmental sustainability focus.

These initiatives will further the Guam Museum’s mission of public education and preservation of the island’s culture, uniqueness, and history.  Matrix Design Group is excited to be a part of this cornerstone institution and its contribution to the community of Hagåtña. Michael will be performing the volunteer services during the last week of September 2017.